Your baby deserves the best in the world

Your baby deserves

The best in the world

When our first daughter was born, she suffered with sensitive skin and developed bad nappy rash. I wanted to find out why, so I looked at the ingredients in the baby wipes we were using, and was shocked to see the list of chemicals that were used in them. I questioned myself if we should be using them on her delicate skin. I thought there had to be another option, so I set about creating a purer and safer alternative. Many years later and after a lot of hard work, testing, and scientific research, WaterWipes, the purest baby wipes were born. WaterWipes are a suitable alternative to cotton wool and water as it is pure, gentle and safe for the most delicate skin. Every day, in every corner of the world, new mums and dads are discovering the benefits of our gentle and safe wipes for their baby's skin and I hope you will like them too!

Edward McCloskey

WaterWipes Creator

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A baby's skin is more delicate and sensitive than ours. It needs constant pampering and care to ensure it is kept safe and smooth. WaterWipes are the only wipes made using just water that is specially purified and softened with a drop of grapefruit seed extract. It is designed to be gentle on your baby's skin as it is made with ingredients that are 100% safe to use on your little one.

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